What types of content work best for each social network?

Every second more than 15 new users join the main platforms to view different types of social media content. The average number of social media users increased by 3.1% in the first four months of this year, surpassing 4.33 billion users and with a year-on-year growth of 13.1%.

What influences this success? The variety of their content, with options for all tastes and all markets. That’s why, in this article we invite you to learn why the types of content for social networks are so important to make your brand stand out in the online world. keep reading!

Importance of Social Media Content Types

The importance of social media content lies in the power of platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram and TikTok; just to name the most popular ones.

We refer to its power to transmit content, attract a wide audience, generate value for brands, advertise and create connection. The engagement we establish with the types of content for social networks depends in part on our tastes, but also on a design focused on different purposes:

  • Informative.
  • Educational.
  • Informative.
  • Advertising.
  • Marketing.
  • Entertainment.

Social media content is important because of the attention it generates for its creators, senders or the brands they represent.

Other reasons for the importance of social media content types are:

  • They increase network traffic.
  • Complement your other digital channels.
  • They focus on your brand.
  • They facilitate lead capture and data registration.
  • They increase the presence of your brand and the trust towards it.
  • Capture leads at different stages of the marketing funnel.
  • Through their messages and the sensations that they generate, they help to materialize business opportunities.

Main types of content for social networks

To create quality content on each social network it is important to consider the particularities of each platform, as each has its own characteristics. These differences are also determined by its main audience and its purpose.

By developing a content strategy adapted to each network you get several benefits:

  • Improve your brand positioning on every platform.
  • You align your brand to a specific audience.
  • You reach your buyer persona more effectively.
  • You increase the conversion rate.

Here are examples, by platform, of each type of social media content:

What content to post on Facebook?

On this platform you can take advantage of various formats as a strategy to give visibility to your company and generate engagement:

  • Share your own brand images where you elegantly include your logo and visual identity.
  • Add infographics with data of interest to your audience and topics with the potential to drive traffic to your profile.
  • Record videos with customer or user testimonials where they relate their experiences using your products or services.
  • Respond to messages, comments and requests for information. This will show the respect you have for your customers, users or the general public.

The most successful types of social media content for Facebook communication strategies are:

  • Images, inspirational quotes and memes.
  • Stories.
  • Photo galleries.
  • Videos.
  • Branded content (Branded Content).
  • Content generated by your users (User Generated Content).
  • Recommendation lists.
  • Manuals and tutorials.
  • eBooks.
  • Links to blogs, podcasts and other useful content for your users.

Best content to publish on YouTube

The types of content for social networks where video is an important element have the advantage of having the preference of the public.

In the case of YouTube, it is the second most used social network, with a potential audience of

2.29 billion people and more than 1 billion hours of video viewed daily.

This preference for video content consumption is shared on other networks such as Facebook and TikTok. To make your videos more engaging, consider the following features:

  • Shoot quality videos, where engaging content is shown in an enjoyable way, always aligned with your campaign objectives.
  • Share videos where your audience can learn about a topic and where your brand is associated with that learning.
  • Incorporate subtitles, if it’s in multiple languages the better. This way the audience can understand the video even without the audio.
  • A growing trend is the recording of short videos using mobile phones, for which the platform has launched YouTube Shorts. These are short videos, from 15 to 60 seconds, in vertical format and associated with the hashtag #shorts.

The most viewed types of social media content in video format on YouTube include:

  • Lists, compilations and “my favourites”.
  • Musical trends.
  • Unboxing and product launch videos.
  • Tutorials and training videos.
  • Comedies and parodies.
  • Challenge videos.
  • Series.
  • Video games and animations.
  • Vlogs of influencers.
  • Hauls or videos where celebrities and youtubers detail the products they purchase.

Content you can share on WhatsApp

This platform has its own strategy to take advantage of different types of social media content: WhatsApp Marketing.

It is a platform continuously consulted by users, especially when you share valuable content in your groups.

Examples of attractive content in this network:

  • Those associated with promotions.
  • News and updates.
  • Competitions.
  • Those that creatively promote interaction with the brand’s other channels.
  • WhatsApp Business makes it easy for you to develop an entire content strategy oriented to companies and brand positioning.

The publications in this network are oriented to encourage direct communication with your audience, by sending personalized messages.

The most successful content for Instagram

The most used types of content for social networks on this platform have the visual format as the protagonist:

  • Images.
  • Illustrations.
  • Photographs.
  • Videos.

The art of telling stories through storytelling strategies is part of the appeal of the content on this social network. The use of storytelling to connect with the audience is a characteristic shared with platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and TikTok.

For longer content, Instagram has IG TV, a resource that you can take advantage of to promote your brand’s positioning.

The goal is to publish valuable types of social media content that keeps your audience engaged and entertained. Using 10-15 second videos (up to 1 hour for verified accounts) you can generate empathy in your followers. Examples of content:

  • Stories of your brand.
  • Interviews and testimonies.
  • Events.
  • Tutorials.
  • Tips for your users.

What content works for LinkedIn?

This platform has a different target than other social networks, as it is a network that specializes in:

  • Professional contacts.
  • Job offers from companies
  • Interaction between professionals and brands.
  • Disseminate business content.

The content published on LinkedIn is oriented towards employer branding. It is the largest social network in the world in terms of professional and company profiles, with a potential audience of

745.6 million.

Select social media content types that make you stand out. This content is crafted to connect with ideal employers. Also to generate interaction with communities of professionals in specific areas. This is what they will be useful for:

  • Company pages that highlight the advantages of the employer brand.
  • Work experiences that are shared on LinkedIn and other channels such as Facebook and Instagram, using the hashtag #worklifelife.
  • Personal and professional profiles where you talk about yourself, the brand, experiences, expectations and competences.
  • Present projects or articles where you exchange knowledge with your audience.

Adding keywords is part of the strategies that an SEO agency recommends for social media content types. Along with titles, descriptions and other SEO parameters, it will help your audience find you.

Twitter content ideas

Content types for social networks like Twitter focus on informative posts that keep your audience up to date. This makes it ideal for sharing content like:

  • News and updates.
  • Pre-release videos, creating expectation or intrigue (teasers).
  • Presentations and testimonials about products or services.
  • Spaces or live audio conversations (@TwitterSpaces).
  • Surveys.

Analyzing consumer psychology on this social network will allow you to segment your audience. The goal is to select types of social media content that can be read or liked at a glance:

  • Harness the power of mass communication through short messages.
  • News, videos, content that your followers are motivated to share.
  • Content that live-tweet activities associated with your brand.
  • Messages on topics of interest, taking advantage of the impact of Twitter Trending Topics in your brand strategy.

Types of content to publish on TikTok

This is a platform with social media content types that follow the style of Instagram and the more recent YouTube Short functionality: immediate content.

This social network has had an increase in its number of monthly active users. It has more than 732 million users and 12% of the total audience.

The videos, in horizontal or vertical format, that you can share on TikTok to support your brand’s marketing strategies are:

  • Videos created with slideshows that include photo sequences, effects and filters.
  • Duets where you invite other people to interact in a dynamic.
  • Funny videos that will make your followers laugh and want to share your content with their friends. For example, lip sync or lip sync videos.

All this content favors viewing and engagement with your brand. This increases if you add hashtags or tags that make it easier for the audience to find your videos.

Remember that social media plays an important role in the connection between the public and a brand. The production of content for each social network is responsible for generating value and engagement. Therefore, brands must understand the characteristics of each medium and the profile of the audience present in each of them.

Being present in the channels relevant to your business allows you to focus your efforts on the networks with the most potential.

Maintain the frequency of publication to make yourself visible and be remembered by the audience. Interact with your audience to build trust and don’t stop measuring results to know how successful your social media strategy is being. And if you need help from a digital marketing agency in Miami, we are your partner! At Cute Digital Media we can help you in this process, since we are an agency specialized in content marketing with which you can develop your strategy in any of the digital channels in which your brand is present.


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We help our clients adapt to new digital media, creating unique platforms and experiences.


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We offer different Marketing services to boost your brand through the digital world and thus achieve a greater connection with the user.


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We increase your sales with quality visits! We provide exclusive organic positioning and optimization services on Google.


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